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Home Based Childcare

We believe that primary caregiving and continuity of care, for under 3 year olds’ is best for any child.

Our lovely educarers form safe and secure relationships with the children in their care ensuring the same routines as home. Children who attend Little Magpies Home Based Childcare are encouraged to become independent, self-confident and resilient, developing knowledge and skills that will assist them in their life-long learning journey.

Our educarers offer a relaxed home environment with fun, educational learning opportunities and encourage families to share their aspirations, cultural identity, values and beliefs.

A baby’s first 1000 days of life are the most important – Nathan Wallis explains why…

A baby’s first 1000 days of life are the most important – here’s why


  • We Offer
    • Flexible hours to suit the family
    • Fun learning opportunities for children
    • Individual education programme developed for each child
    • Playgroups, music groups and outings in the community
    • Supportive Visiting Teachers
    • Free nappies
    • Affordable childcare fees
    • Winz subsidies for those families who are eligible
    • ECE subsidies for those families who have children over 3 years of age
  • Our Philosophy
  • Educarer’s Testimonial


    This epitomises everything I know and love about my job. The relationships with Visiting teachers, the office team are so pleasant to talk on the phone, the responsiveness of everyone. If I need anything, have a question or need, it’s no problem for anyone to jump about until it’s sorted. I think it’s important that educarers feel this way, it’s the first thing I tell my families: ‘any queries, just call the office they will bend over backwards to help you as quick as possible’


    I love nothing more than seeing educarers online promoting themselves. I hit that like button and put forward my praise for that person (even those I don’t know particularly well) and I see others doing it for Little Magpies too. There are no other educarers I see on other networks getting support from fellow workers. I see it as; we all like each other. I think it looks fantastic that we support each other and sell us as more of a community than company.

    Favourite Quote:

    “Little Magpies a beautiful local provider, owned by local people, small enough to care, big enough to make it happen’. We aren’t in the business of big flashy websites, we are in the business of people. Natasha – Little Magpies Home Based Childcare Educarer

  • Education Review Office (ERO)

    ” Visiting Teachers support educarers to provide a high quality programme, underpinned by Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum. Educarers offer a wide range of learning experiences within the home environment and community, to support and extend children’s interests. They encourage children’s input into and enjoyment of the learning process. Children’s engagement and participation in the programme is well captured through a range of documentation.

    Visiting Teachers provide comprehensive support to educarers to undertake assessment, planning and evaluation. They model best practice through regular visits, playgroups and special events. This successfully contributes to responsive teaching and positive outcomes for children. There is a focus on supporting educarers understanding of and capability for working with Te Whāriki. ”

    Our latest ERO report (when we were known as Village Kids Home Based Childcare)

  • Procedures

    We have procedures and processes in place which guide us in the delivery of professional, consistent, safe and appropriate practice. Our educarers have a hard copy of our procedures or alternatively you can contact for a copy to be emailed to you. We have included some important ones for you to view.

    Excursion Procedure

    Health Procedure

    Food Allergies Procedure

    Emergencies Procedure

    List of Regular Excursions – Our educarers have a hard copy of the Risk Assessments for these excursions or you can email for a copy.

    List of Procedures

  • Would you like to become a Home Based Educarer?

    We are looking for educarers who have a level 3, or higher, qualification and with experience to join our small team.

    We have amazing dedicated Visiting Teachers who provide support and encouragement to our educarers, children and their families. Our childcare consultant supports our educarers, and families, with the paperwork.

    Our group of educarers  are welcoming, caring and nurturing. They provide children in their care with the opportunity to belong to a small family group, which is flexible to each individual child’s needs.

    We provide weekly playgroups and music groups. We also organise outings, Omni gym sessions and many more exciting things for you and the children in your care.

    We would love to hear from you if you think Little Magpies could suit you.

    Please feel welcome to ring, or drop a line to:

    Amanda Cullen – Home Based Manager
    phone: 06 877 5261 or email:

    Annie Gower – Childcare Consultant
    phone: 06 877 5261 or email:

  • Contact Home Based Office

    Annie Gower – Childcare Consultant
    Phone: 06 877 5261


    Amanda Cullen – Home Based Manager & Visiting Teacher


    Donna Swannell – Visiting Teacher


    Rachael Grimwood – Visiting Teacher
    Phone: 06 877 5261


    Lynley Kite – Administration Manager
    Phone: 06 877 5261


    Shane Rooney – Manager
    Phone: 06 877 5261

    Our Office hours are 8.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday

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"In partnership with whānau Māori, teachers actively seek out the learning aspirations they have for their tamariki." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Children benefit from a well-considered environment that responds to their diverse interests and needs." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Kaiako are well supported to take on leadership roles and implement a range of initiatives to improve outcomes for children." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Strategic and annual planning provide clear expectations and guidelines for quality teaching practice and curriculum delivery." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Individual learning plans support consistent and deliberate teaching strategies to progress children’s learning." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Infants and toddlers are well supported in a calm and nurturing environment. A wide range of sensory experiences promotes children's curiosity and exploration." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Strong collaborative relationships between teachers, children, parents, and whānau promote a sense of belonging." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"The service philosophy and vision are highly evident in practice." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

Would highly recommend Little Magpies Childcare Centre, my daughters in home carer finished late last year so I decided to leave finding a new day care until the beginning of the year. I'm glad I found Little Magpies, the staff have been so helpful and great at communicating how my daughter is going. There's never ending activities and wholesome meals. Thanks for everything. Katarina


THANK YOU to the wonderful Centre staff who work over the whole Xmas period. I couldn't ask for anywhere better for my daughter to attend she is so happy and the Centre staff are truely awesome! Julie


Awesome environment for my son, his teachers go well above and beyond what I expect even to the point of a teacher using her own time to train and help with my autistic son. My son and I give a A+++++ rating to the Centre and staff. Dwayne


Thank you for all of the things you have done for my son over the past few years.You all have been there for him many times and shared with us many things that have happened. I know that my son takes with him many values and virtues fostered by Little Magpies staff that will support him through the next few years. Many, many thanks.


I am super, super stoked with how easy the whole process has been dealing with Little Magpies Home Based. Annie has been so accommodating and lovely towards us! I even cried the first time I spoke to her because I was so overwhelmed with choices of childcare providers and she quickly made me feel as though we had made the right decision. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Annie, I can call her anytime and she is so quick to answer any of my questions, help with WINZ applications, come to my house or work to do paperwork! She is nothing short of a superstar!

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Situated in Onekawa, Napier offering full time and part time childcare. At Little Magpies Childcare Centre we value learning! Exploring nature, unlocking creativity, developing numeracy and literacy skills, investig...

Little Magpies

Home Based Childcare

We believe that primary caregiving and continuity of care, for under 3 year olds' is best for any child. Our lovely educarers form safe and secure relationships with the children in their care ensuring the same routi...

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