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Little Magpies learning environments are fun and stimulating, therefore; children are able to explore, take risks, and develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, and a respect for others.

Our small learning environments guarantee personal attention, but more importantly; children experience learning, friendships and support therefore helping them develop into confident, happy and well-rounded individuals with bright futures ahead of them!

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Little Magpies Childcare Services is a privately-owned company, owned by Paul & Shane Rooney, who started their first Childcare Centre in the Hawke’s Bay in 1992. Over the years their company has grown and now offers a full range of childcare services to families in the Hawke’s Bay, these include a Childcare Centre and Home Based Childcare.

We acknowledge that quality early childhood learning must be responsibly managed by directors, managers and teachers with a shared philosophy.

Little Magpies Childcare Centre and our Home Based Services are licensed under the Education ECE Services Regulation 2008. We comply with all licensing criteria for childcare services.

Parents are welcome to contribute to policy development, reviews and decisions concerning children’s care and education. We feel it is important that we reflect the values and needs of our local community and families.


Little Magpies Administration Office and Childcare Centre Location

24 Leyland street, Onekawa


We offer affordable rates with flexible hours to suit you. Simply fill in the form below to enquire.

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Little Magpies

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Little Magpies

Home Based Childcare

We believe that primary caregiving and continuity of care, for under 3 year olds' is best for any child. Our lovely educarers form safe and secure relationships with the children in their care ensuring the same routi...

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We look forward to hearing from you please fill in the form or contact us here. Email: Centre & Home Based Address: 24 Leyland Street, Onekawa, Napier Centre Phone: 06-843 1031  | ...


Highly recommended.


The best decision I have ever made for my son!


"In partnership with whānau Māori, teachers actively seek out the learning aspirations they have for their tamariki." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Children benefit from a well-considered environment that responds to their diverse interests and needs." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Kaiako are well supported to take on leadership roles and implement a range of initiatives to improve outcomes for children." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Strategic and annual planning provide clear expectations and guidelines for quality teaching practice and curriculum delivery." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Individual learning plans support consistent and deliberate teaching strategies to progress children’s learning." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Infants and toddlers are well supported in a calm and nurturing environment. A wide range of sensory experiences promotes children's curiosity and exploration." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"Strong collaborative relationships between teachers, children, parents, and whānau promote a sense of belonging." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

"The service philosophy and vision are highly evident in practice." Little Magpies Childcare Centre

ERO 2020

Would highly recommend Little Magpies Childcare Centre. There's never ending activities and wholesome meals. Thanks for everything.


THANK YOU to the wonderful Centre staff who work over the whole Xmas period. I couldn't ask for anywhere better for my daughter to attend she is so happy and the Centre staff are truely awesome!


Awesome environment for my son, his teachers go well above and beyond. My son and I give a A+++++ rating to the Centre and staff.


Thank you for all of the things you have done for my son over the past few years.  I know that my son takes with him many values and virtues fostered by Little Magpies staff that will support him through the next few years. Many, many thanks.


I am super, super stoked with how easy the whole process has been dealing with Little Magpies Home Based.